We associate good writers with success – ignoring the many rejections they suffered before fame hit (as well as those who never make it). Reading their books and/or watching their movie adaptations, we marvel at their creativity and imagination. Little wonder, then, that we equate creative writing with successful writing.

Alright, we agree with you – standardized testing is no fun. And there are plenty of valid reasons to believe that standardized tests aren’t really the most accurate measure of a student’s intelligence and level of education. Regardless, tests like the SAT and ACT are a cornerstone of our education system, so it’s important that students are ready for them.

The way we learn vocabulary is in desperate need of an update. As eager intellectual explorers, human beings have always pushed the limits of the imagination, constantly striving to improve our abilities and expand our knowledge. And we’re pretty successful at it, too! Science and technology have been advancing at unprecedented rates; accelerating so fast, in fact, that some fields of knowledge were bound to be left in the dust!