Nature versus Nurture : Creativity

A common myth tells us that creativity is a talent, and only a lucky few are blessed enough to be creative. The truth is, everyone is born creative – with the proper nurturing and practice, creativity can be learned and developed just like any other skill. And creative development isn’t just confined to the classroom. To help children unlock their full potential for creativity, it’s essential for parents to provide a home environment where their children’s imaginations can flourish.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways that parents can help their children exercise creative muscles after the 3:00 bell rings. The best of these methods refrain from ‘teaching’ creativity, instead giving children freedom to use their imaginations in loosely guided settings. Regular expression of imagination and creativity will help kids gain confidence, improve critical thinking, make them more socially intelligent, and turn them into better learners for life! So don’t hesitate to support your budding daydreamer as they follow their creative instincts.

Here are a few of our favorite strategies for encouraging your kids’ creativity – 

Designate a Creative Space at Home 

Designate a space in your home where children are free to create. This doesn’t have to be a fancy playroom; all it takes is a corner of the living room or nook in the kitchen where the kids can make a mess without worry. If your children enjoy playing with blocks or Legos, for example, keep a sack full of blocks in an accessible spot and devote a small area to block-building.

Make a ‘Busy Box’

Whenever you can, collect materials like popsicle sticks, strings, glue, buttons, pieces of cardboard, and other knick-knacks from around the house and gather them in a box. Let your children use these items for crafts and projects of their choosing. You’ll be surprised what takes shape! Allowing children to tinker with differently shaped objects can unlock new ideas and enhance structural creativity.

Set an Example

Children are always likely to follow your example, even when it comes to creativity. Show them how you like to use your imagination, and make the process fun! Seeing you working on innovative ideas will naturally encourage your child to follow suit and serve as powerful inspiration for their own thinking.

Encourage Children to Focus on the Creative Process 

One of VocaTales most important goals is integrating learning experiences with creative activities, so clearly we find this to be an important strategy! When occupied with activities like writing and storytelling, children learn to enjoy the process of spinning a tale as much as engaging with the story itself. When your child is working on a creative project, honor failed attempts as much as successful ones to emphasize the value of the creative process as much as its results.


It can be tricky for parents to gauge when to get involved versus when to step back and let a child’s creativity flow. The best strategy is usually collaboration, acting as a partner and assistant when kids run into roadblocks on a project or need some guidance about where to begin.

Online Activities

A simple Google search will turn up a plethora of online activities and free online games that can enhance creativity in children. Engaging your child with a learning platform that encourages imagination and creative thinking can be instrumental in developing creative thinking at an early age. VocaTales offers an education for entertainment platform that allows parents and children to team up in exploring a world of educational content that’s actually fun!

Even though there are hundreds of ways to boost creativity in kids, parents should be mindful in choosing activities that suit their child’s temperament and interest. You can pique one child’s curiosity with short stories and interesting characters, while others might be more interested in music, quizzes or puzzle games. With a bit of experimentation and collaboration, you’re sure to strike the right chord and get your child climbing to new creative heights.

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