A PICTURE is Worth a Thousand WORDS. Paint One with VocaTales.

In our modern world of endless connections where instant communication is king, why are so many of us losing our ability to express ourselves in words?

Can’t find the right words?

Yes, emojis and memes are fun, but they don’t help very much when it comes time to take your SAT, interview for a job, make a presentation at work, deal with an obstinate customer service rep, or really, truly and meaningfully express yourself to a loved one. And as any random peek at your Twitter/Insta/FB feed will tell you, our collective grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills have taken some serious damage as our social interactions have come to rely increasingly on the web. Maybe these language skills just aren’t being taught properly anymore. Or maybe, even if we have learned all the proper skills, we’d still rather rely on auto-correct than dredge up old memories of boring English classes.

Look like fun? We don’t think so, either.

But why is today’s world the world of autocorrect? What happened to the good old-fashioned fun of the writing process – creating pictures with our words, rather than replacing words entirely with pictures? The problem is that sharpening up our vocabulary skills using dictionaries and google searches is a time consuming process with temporary rewards – the learning process takes far too long, and whatever we learn is usually confined to a brief stay in our short-term memory. With this kind of trajectory, the future of language might be such that people are only able to connect through overused, ambiguous images or emotionless computational scripts.  Such a reality would be devoid of the unique expressions which differentiate humans from machines. But this isn’t the world that we at VocaTales envision. We want humans to relate to each other using imaginative language which promotes fun, camaraderie, and clear communication.

VocaTales understands this key to social success, and has created a fun, free app designed not only to improve your vocabulary quickly, but to help you completely reimagine your entire #Vocabulary Game! Using an easy “See, Split, and Spin” method, VocaTales has broken down the vocab game into a simple word association hack which allows you to quickly learn, and easily retain fresh vocabulary words each and every day.

It also integrates the social media components which have defined the modern era,  providing the ability to form smaller groups with your friends, classmates, or even extended circles composed of vocab enthusiasts from around the world. Regardless of where your circle begins, the stories you create together can reach every part of the world, and be extended by others to create an ever-evolving legend.

While the new technologies of AI/ML/ARare being embraced, we are reigniting the tried-and-true power of the human imagination –through simple thinking and an intuitive toolbox, VocaTales empowers its users to embrace their creativity while revisiting and building upon the basics of language and vocab. Robotics will certainly reshape the future, but technology will never reduce the importance of human emotion and expression. Of course, we recognize that technology does affect the nature of human expression – in the age of Twitter, many believe that anything can be communicated in 160 characters. While we don’t strictly believe this, we recognize the power of short-form content, and VocaTales applies this form to its new platform for education and creativity. You don’t have to read a 2-hr book to get excited and learn something new – instead, you can get something out of VocaTales in 2-3 mins. And if you want to hang around longer and expand your horizons, interacting with your personal circle of friends or the broader VocaTales community, we guarantee that the fun will just keep growing!

Social networking has played a major role in how human social circles take shape and interact with each other. VocaTales is working to leverage this power in order to drive a continuous learning experience. The “Split and Spin”  vocabulary hack discovered by VocaTales allows your brain to re-visualize the whole complex maze of vocab, then reimagine/reinvent any given word by associating it with a much simpler image, memory, emotion or experience that’s already “locked-in” to your brain’s existing network.

You see, as human beings, “stories” are our most human means of expressing ourselves, as well as our primary means of making effective connections that are easy to remember and retain. Learning #Vocabulary works the same way.

Vocabulary “stories”—about ourselves, our day, our heroes and our villains—work not only because they’re easy to remember, retain and retell, but also because they excite and ignite our imaginations!

Simple stories that make us smile also make us want to connect more, to know more, to tell more, and to continue learning more.

VocaTales offers a daily menu of deliciously digestible vocabulary bites. These aren’t just are not only healthy and convenient for your brain to chew on, but also allow you to continue to enrich and expand your ability to connect. Much as the world we live in is about making connections; real, useful learning that works is about making real connections that last, too. All of the world’s greatest stories are forged from and focused on these connections.

And at VocaTales, have we got a story for you!