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As each generation grows more and more accustomed to on-demand, interactive media, it has become increasingly vital for educators to find new, more modern methods of priming their students for success. Improving on academic building-blocks such as vocabulary and reading requires social creativity and the use of new educational tools that offer a clean, easy-to-consume user experience.

No matter how valuable your content and educational resources maybe, your work as an educator is null and void if a student lacks interest in how the material is presented. Top companies like Bing have found that variables as simple as color can improve usability and traffic interest by millions of dollars.

Keep education colorful!

Interesting. But how does this information help us make new educational breakthroughs with our students?

Creating a Platform Students Love

There are several elements of social creativity and user experience that can enhance the impact of your educational platform. At VocaTales, we specialize in giving students of all ages and phases of life a unique, unparalleled vocabulary experience. While our minimal design and use of storytelling certainly improve our success rate, we’ve found that true education starts with instant access to a community of like-minded individuals, which we cultivate by providing easy access to our website!

Collaboration Is Essential

In the age of thirty-second cell-phone conversations, it can be easy to overlook the value a collaborative community can add to your educational platform. But the need to communicate and collaborate with others is as real as ever – just look at the rise of online forums like Reddit, or the success of internet-based entrepreneurial groups like the ones on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The bottom line is that people naturally crave collaboration, and it has been proven to aid in student-learning success. In Science Direct Volume 31, Marjaan Lal and Seyed Mohammad Ghodsi chronicled the Benefits of Collaborative Learning, demonstrating that collaborative learning environment:

  • Promote critical thinking skills
  • Involve students actively in the learning process
  • Improve classroom results
  • Model appropriate student problem solving techniques

With 42% of the entire world on social media as of 2018, it should be a no-brainer to integrate social media collaboration within your community of learners. At VocaTales, we’ve introduced a student-chat function to our website, giving students the ability to communicate efficiently and accelerate their learning. Building a community not only on your website but also within your brand through social media and online forums can strengthen your platform’s results from both an education and traffic perspective – a true win/win situation!

Make Your Platform Easy to Understand

On the list of things your website needs to achieve is a simple user experience. Right from the get-go, your new learners should be able to understand your website, your company, and how to get started on your platform.

Make sure your users can light the bulb!

At VocaTales, we’ve implemented two unique features that show learners how to use our platform successfully. The first is our Top Authors feature, which puts a focus on students who not only demonstrate proper usage of the platform but are also making a serious impact with exemplary storytelling and vocab usage.

The second is a simple page titled “How It Works” that gives first-time users a general overview of how to participate. This is an essential page for any educational platform and a valuable resource for your students.

Of course, it’s important to implement features inspired by social creativity, too. If the backbone of VocaTales is the split and spin method of learning vocabulary, the heart of the platform is social – every one of the platform’s fundamental features is designed to promote cooperation, collaboration, and even friendly competition. As you like, comment on, share, and save your favorite tales, you’ll befriend other vocabulary enthusiasts and be able to follow their lexical adventures.

Your Mobile Experience Makes a Difference

As we begin the new decade, it is safe to assume that mobile devices are not going anywhere. Having your website optimized for mobile should be a top priority when designing your site.

Experience Dynamics, a usability consulting firm, compiled a list of eye-opening stats on mobile users. 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company, proving that website responsiveness is vital. Mobile users were 5 times more likely to abandon a website if it wasn’t optimized for mobile.

As you begin to build your learning platform, make sure your website’s theme or design is compatible with mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. When it comes to creating a visually-pleasing, useable design for smaller screens, it’s all about simplicity. Users prefer a streamlined experience – reduce the use of non-responsive buttons or fonts, and focus on making the tools your students need front and center.

It’s Time to Modernize Education

Consider this our challenge to educators: get creative with the learning experience! VocaTales is setting a new trend in the market – updating education for today’s audience. While we make vocabulary easy to learn with fascinating storytelling, there’s plenty of space for others to make their own educational innovations.

We also invite you to give VocaTales a try. With its sleek design and mobile responsiveness, VocaTales is an easy win for professionals at every level of their careers. Brushing up on your vocabulary doesn’t need to be difficult or boring – download our app and see for yourself!

Click here to test our platform, make mental notes for your own, and read some stories you’re sure to remember!